Good Dogs . . . Forever!

Hi, and welcome to the Good Dogs Forever family!  I'm Elizabeth Wilbanks and I'm here to help you train your dogs!  My 10 years of experience training most all breeds and ages is bound to be of great benefit in treating whatever canine "challenges" you're experiencing!  

Known to my clients as "Aunt Elizabeth" because I "adopt" you, your family and your four footed furry friends, I provide obedience training, socialization groups and doggie day care to Good Dog families and individuals in the northern CO area.

Training is done with you at your home and generally requires 3 - 4 sessions (although your dog is dramatically and positively changed in the very first visit). The method I teach was developed by Animal Behavior Science of NASA and is extremely humane, effective and simple.  Let "Aunt E" provide you with immediate training tools in order to live a less stressful and more harmonious life with your four footed pal!

I also offer basic in-home consultations, and housebreaking advice by phone is always FREE.  Consultations are particularly helpful for fearful dogs,  or those who have (sadly) developed aggression issues.  Rescue dogs are particulary prone to fearfulness, and I have been tremendously successful in treating those cases. 

Although I am a huge proponent of regular group classes, studies have shown that in-your-home training speeds up your dog's learning process exponentially, while also providing the benefits of treating specific aberrant behaviors on your own turf.  This enables us to focus on your dog's particular "real life" issues, as in: rushing the front door, jumping, chewing, digging, barking - and taking walks in your own neighborhood!   

Welcome again to Good Dogs Forever, and do take a moment to click on Mailing List and register your interests and contact numbers so I may better serve you and your canine companions!


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